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It has become an obvious fact that in recent times there has been much disaster caused by insufficient food in most part of the world and in Africa in particular.
Even with eradication of poverty and hunger being on top of the United nations Priority list in the blue print of its Millennium Development Goals (MDGs), there is still a lot more that needs to be apprehended to see a positive and realistic eradication of poverty, penury and hunger in Africa.
Although it's been heard that Africa has lots of problems ranging from war to drought (in the sub Sahara) and consequently to famine (the food problem). Amongst these numerous problems, the food problem stands out to be a stigma on Africans as it causes more mortality as the days passes by. It's so
pathetic for it to be heard that a single country (Zimbabwe) needs emergency food supplement for six (6) million people (in 2002) even with over 10 million deaths due to starvation and hunger, one can imagine what it means for a single soul to die of starvation let alone millions and more millions continuing to suffer the penury and pains.
The food problem is a peculiar one due to the fact that it has lead to several disasters amongst which is the problem of malnutrition that in turn leads to diseases such as kwashiorkor, usher, anemia, pneumonia and some other range of diseases.

Bearing these disasters and pandemonium caused by this single problem (insufficient food supply) in mind, Scientists have developed a  concept that will help produce more food with higher quality (nutritional value). This concept (which can also be called a science) is Biotechnology

On this site you will find the results of people that have applied this concept and also how to scientifically implement it so that they can yield the desired result. There are also words from scientists on what the future of biotechnology is in Africa, and what they think is responsible for the delay in implementing biotechnology In some parts of Africa.

  The main Objective of having this site , is to optimization usage of Information technology and application of the internet technology and youths to propagate and extend the Usage of Agricultural Biotechnology in African Countries.

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  This is the first section of the website, it outlines the essential facts and general
  knowledge that one needs to know on biotechnology. To begin with, there is the definition page which talks about the definition of biotechnology and how there has been different definitions from views of various people and the original definition of biotechnology. More so, there is  the history page which deals with how the concept has evolved through decades and centuries, starting with the fermentation of beer in Egypt to the current day gene cloning and production of genetically modified foods. This is the important segment for know the roots of biotechnology.

 In this section we carefully exploited the scientific aspect of biotechnology, and 

  have also carefully gathered information on the various scientific processes involved in the making of biotechnology. the introdution phase exploited the integration of engineering in the manufacture of protein, and also the modern technology that has been employed in the gene science. Further more, there is an explanation on  enzyme technology, how technology has helped in the modern day [laboratory] production of enzyme also on the page are the various uses of enzymes. More so, in this section there is explanation on uses of gene cloning and bacteria in the  food industries. Lastly, there is explanation on
the structure and nature of the Deoxyribonucleic acid
 This section deals with the involvement and integration of biotechnology with
mainly crop farming. This is the major section of this site in that it shows how more biotechnology has been employed in the agricultural section to produce more yields and crops with more quality. There is the application process page which deals with how the integration takes place and of course the application results which is what is gotten if biotechnology is applied in agriculture.
 [ FOOD SAFETY ]      
This section deals with the concept of genetically modified foods. The security and 


the dangers of taking genetically modified foods. This concept has  been widely criticized even with the much advantages that it  carries. In this section, there is the definition Genetically modified foods (widely known as GMOs), next was every thing you need to know on Genetically modified foods, which are the advantages, the criticisms and the general conclusion or the general view of people towards genetically modified foods. On thing to bear in Mind is that GMOs are doing by far more good than the criticisms that has been placed against it.
 This section deals with the hunger and food problem faced by Africans and how
erratic this problem is. There is also a comprehensive explanation on how this problem has affect other part of Africans' lives. The food problem is so much versatile in Africa to the extent that only in Zimbabwe about Six (6) million people needs emergency food supplements as at 2001. There is also a page that explains the solution to African's main problem ( the food problem ). We have also given examples on how some of these solutions have been put in practice and the results it yielded. There is also an  
 interview in this section.
  This section deals with the global view of biotechnology and how biotechnology has being gradually taking it's place in parts of the world. This section is divided into three main portions which are the three main continents of the world. The first is America   (which includes north and south America), next is the Europe , and finally there is also comprehensive report on biotechnology in Asia. In this section also there is comparism on general levels of food production around the world.
  Learning Online has never being better, with the biotechnology e- learner, students can now log on to this site and read /download, lecture notes on biotechnology that
has been prepared by professors in the field.. More so, there are educational quizzes which was basically derived from the contents on this site, so if you have gone through this site properly try taking either the short or standard quiz. Also there are lot of games in this section ranging from nice HTML games on the games page to an interactive flash game ( INSECT INVADERS ) all these games are so nice.  Under this section, you can also go to the guestbook and the forum to make comments and post articles respectively.  
 [ MEDIA GALLERY ]      
 This part collects the media on biotechnology it ranges from biotechnology videos
   to interesting and nice slideshow of pictures that are related to biotechnology. Also there is a special feature here which is the media manager, it is actually very nice and helps you to gain easier access to media contents. It has all the media sorted according to their types that is the videos and pictures (in a slides show). There is also an interesting animation on biotechnology in this section. You can view the animation online or download it to view it later.


 [ ABOUT BFS ]      
 Get to know more about whos behind the scence at BFS. The make and feel.
BFS stands for Biotechnology the food solution and its a dynamic project by dynamic minds from Africa and to Africa. With an international recognition and extra-professional backings the project is currently causing ways and making impacts it forcasted when it was founded in 20003.Built on a phychological color scheme, the concepts of the BFS website is genuiely agriculturally inspired and carries the passion to improve African economy and Agriculture. BFS also wishes to acknowledgment all the good people doing good things, to its good plans. We are very much grateful  



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