Biotechnology : the food solution is a revolutionary idea with realistic effect on technological development and economic growth in the African agricultural sector. With little beginnings in 2003, BFS has been celebrated internationally by African and also biotechnology giant riders (such as Monsanto cooperation Inc) .The project is poised to force technological growth and improvement in the agricultural sector in most developing African countries, through conscious efforts to campaign the effective use of biotechnology and education of farmers and general public on the important of an immediate and stringent action in this direction to safe the delapitating nature of food security in Africa. BFS speaks to people through its publications ( both printed and online), and also communicates to locals through audio-visual learning aids.

As at the the year 2000 the poorest and hunger most perverse region in the entire world is the sub-Saharan Africa, this is no movie script nor tale ( millions of people are still dieing of starvation and penury in Africa ), putting an end to this problem with a realistic and employable idea is the mission that has been undertaking at BFS.

Biotechnology :  the food solution is currently headquartered in tropical Nigeria in North Africa and operates it web services in partnership with whirlwind internet Company in the Nederlands. Operated by young and dedicated personalities the project as enjoyed sheer success since its creation in 2003. The project has being represented in 6 countries across Caribbean, Africa and Europe and in countries which include Sudan and Ethiopia. Sustainability and brighter future is what this project seeks for Africa because it operates on strong principles and beliefs that Africa has enough to feed herself if she can take responsibility and operate wisely.

 ->The People ( the younghearts )

Samuel Odofin - Project Manager
This is the 18 year old visionary behind the project, Samuel started this project when he was 15 and had had been traveling to various countries both within and outside Africa representing his Idea. Samuel is developing to become a young technology expert and programmer , though made a CMS software when he was 16 and also holds four international  laurels in ICT; Samuel also engages in research and content production management, Samuel had teamed with Mohammed to continue to explore create and manage logistics at BFS.

Mohammed Abdel Raouf - Research Personnel
Mohammed Abdel Raouf is 17 and he has being engage with the project since he was 14. Mohammed explores the concept, dangers and employability of Samuel's concept of establishment of biotechnology on African farms. Mohammed currently live in Egypt from where he contributes his own quota to the overall development of the project.

Olapeter- Public/ Grassroots Relations officer