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   Welcome to the help section, you might be having some little problems maybe in viewing, navigating or getting the information you need.
Site is not displaying properly ?
cant find ?
what's the use of bookmark , print, tell a friend ?
How can i contribute ?
What is the 'tell a friend', 'bookmark' and 'print functions' on the page?
The tell a friend , media manager and picture slideshow is not opening !
  To start with, this site is best viewed with a screen resolution of 800 x 600. if you are using another resolution you might not be able to view the website correctly. To change your screen resolution, close or minimize all windows, in a way that you can see your desktop, right click ( control click for Macintosh users) and go to properties from the pop menu that comes out. A dialog box (image below) should then come up, from which your are to select the settings tab. On that tab you will see the screen resolution you can then reduce or increase it (using the slider) to 800 x 600 as the case may be, then click "apply" your screen may go blank for a moment but it will be restored. Below is a screenshot of the dialog box that should appear.

Display properties with setting tab selectedIninitial display properites dialog box

 You might be having some problems with collating the information you need. If you want to send this site to a friend or to your mailbox for example, you are just required to click the tell a friend link on the top bar of the page (see image below) and file the form that pops up. also bookmarking the site will be of great help because once you bookmark the site, and you want to return at a later time all you just need is to go to your browser's favorite at the main menu and click on BIOTECHNOLOGY- the food solution. You browser will then come to this site. You can also use the print at the top bar instead of the default print. Because this print does not just print the whole window but rather it prints, the main content on the page there by saving your time and money,


 top bar


The tell a friend function is a special feature on this website that enables you to send this website to unlimited email address and to all your friends, if you have more than five email addresses all you needed do is to separate the email address with commas. The bookmark function gives you easy access to this website at anytime, when you launch your browser all you needed do is to go to favorites > Biotechnology the food solution. The print function allows you to get a printer friendly version of the page where you are.

 If you are looking for information on this site and you can find it in navigating the site you can take advantage of the search engine. just click search on the top bar and type in the keyword of the information you are looking for. If you still cant find what you are looking for, just go to the glossary page. there you can find all what's on the site and even some other sites on biotechnology.

 if you want to contribute to this site all you needed to do is to go to the forum and post your article there or better still if you want it personal your can send it to this address; samuelodofin@yahoo.com or also the feedback form. Your contribution will be highly welcome.

 If you cannot view the media manager, the tell a friend or the slideshow windows when you try to open them, it means that you might a enabled pop up blocker on your browser check it and disable it, furthermore, You browser might have been configured to block scripts, please go to the tools > internet options on your browsers main menu to re - configure your settings .then press F5 or Ctrl + r to reload the page and try opening it again.



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